Top 10 tips to daily saving


1.  Search ‘This site’ daily for the latest coupons available!    




2.  Cash Not Cards:


Always leave your credit cards at home unless you know you are going to need to use them for a particular item. This will remove the temptation to buy anything unplanned for.




3.  Read for FREE Online:


Do you like to read?  Make sure to check out and Barns & Noble because they offer FREE ebooks for download straight to your computer!



4. Start or Join a coupon group:


Coupon groups are a great way to save money by sharing coupons with your friends!  You can trade coupons, clip coupons together and share upcoming sale information.




5. Use Daily Deal Sites:


Make it a habit to check out sites like & Nomorerack!  These sites offer amazing deep discounts on brand name items.  Daily Deal Sites are perfect ways to shop for gifts, but not breaking the bank!




6. Find free entertainment or cheap ways to have fun:


Entertainment often ends up costing a lot of money, but if you do a internet search on surrounding areas where you live, odds are your going to find cheap, and even free events to have fun while saving money!  Home Depot and Lowe’s often offers free craft workshops for adults & kids!




7. Dining on a budget:


You do not have to give up eating out!  Just do so smartly!  Look for coupons, buy one get one free offers and make sure to check out  Just enter your zip code and see what restaurants offer coupons or discounted gift certificates on places to eat in your area!




8. Toss spare change into a glass jar on your dresser and watch your money grow. When using coupons, this is a great way to put the money you would have spent without the coupons to good use!  Save up for that family vacation your family has been dreaming about!




9. Pause for thought & use price comparison:


If you are about to buy something which isn’t a necessity, wait a couple of days before you make the purchase. It gives you time to compare prices elsewhere, or to come up with an alternative, or even to decide that you don’t need or want it.  Remember, Walmart does price match guarantee, so always check prices first even if your going grocery shopping!




10.  Take advantage of your Library:


Use your Library Card For all of your entertainment needs!  At most libraries, not only can you read the hottest bestsellers, but you can check-out DVDs, CDs and surf the Internet, all for free.

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